Saturday, 6 October 2012

And the hunt begins...

Every year at this kind of time I begin my search for the perfect knee high, high heeled boots. 

Now to most people this wouldn't seem like a hugely difficult task but for me it is. I started the search about three years ago and I still haven't found quite what I'm looking for. 

1. They must be black
2. They must be leather. Suede just doesn't cut it for me in the Autumn/Winter weather
3. They must be knee high
4. They must have at least a four inch heel
5. Although the heel must be high, they must not make me look like a hooker 
6. Slim on the calf
7. Not outrageously expensive
8. Round toed
9. Zip up, not pull on. None of this half pull, half zip crap either. 

And finally....

10. They must be classic, go with any outfit boots.

The most difficult of these requirements are 3 and 6. I'm just under 5'2'' so must knee high boots come well past the knee on me. I've got very slim ankles and calves, this means most boots have a baggy fit around the leg on me. It amazes me how slim my calves can be while my thighs remain chunky like a Kit-Kat. 

I took a stroll round Debenhams today and I saw what I thought could be just what I had been looking for...the holy grail of boots. 

They failed me though, completely and utterly. Too big round the ankle, round the calf, they came well over the knee. How I love them though, such a shame. 

These are my next two options, although I have this sinking feeling that I'm setting myself up for disappointment...

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