Sunday, 12 August 2012

A Little Welcome

First time blogger, long time reader. I thought I'd be brave a give writing my own blog a go. After reading for so long I feel I'm reading to share some of my love for shoes, nail polish and make-up with all of you fellow lovers. 

Shoes are my major obsession in life. If it's got a six inch heel or some ridiculously quirky design then I'm bang on that! I just can't resist. It drives my husband mad, to the point that I have to hide new pairs of shoes in my car now. 

Nail polish and make-up are something I've only just gotten in heavily in the last year or so but I've gotta say I'm completely in love *sigh*. 

I'm planning on showing you my recent purchases, lusts and hopefully share a few bargains (I'm a complete tight-wad!). I hope you guys will enjoy reading some of my little tid-bits. 


Heeled&Nailed x

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