Monday, 27 August 2012

Accessorize Pink Spice

I was planning on doing a FOTD for today's post. Seeing as its a bank holiday I thought I do a bit of pampering while having a majorly lazy day in my pyjama's sat in front of the telly. That plan was promptly abolished Saturday afternoon when my face had a collision with the ironing board. The result? Two black eyes, a very swollen and bruised nose, and some mighty cuts where I was wearing my glasses. I always knew ironing was bad for my health.

So in replace of my planned post I have a NOTD. Accessorize Pink Spice is one of the favourite colours to wear. Its a gorgeous pink with an orange/gold duo-chrome flash. It is simply stunning.

Above is three coats, only two coats were really necessary, as per usual Frankie wanted to see what I was doing so I had to do a repair job. I've got a slick of A England's The Shield topcoat on, which is my current favourite topcoat. It dries super quickly and gives a nice glossy shine. I do fine it keeps chip at bay for a little longer than usual, but I never really have the same polish on for more than three days so I can''t really comment.

Now I'm going to settle down to a night of naff telly and kitty cuddles :) 

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