Saturday, 18 August 2012

Barbara Daly: Starlight

I've been a little bit naughty recently by sneaking beauty products into my weekly food shop. Although, the Barbara Daly make-up range in Tesco is so bangingly bargainous that it would b stupid not to.

Today I've got a little BD nail polish to show you. Starlight is a sparkly gold nail polish. It's quick drying and goes on brilliantly. What I've shown below is three coats, only two are actually needed though, I just had to attempt to cover some smudges caused by Frankie trying to get in on the painting action.

Please try and ignore the state on my cuticles. Been so busy at work recently that all forms of nail and skin care have pretty much gone right out of the window!

Next time you happen to be in Tesco do check out the BD range, they have some amazing little bits and are usually 3 for 2! 

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