Thursday, 23 August 2012

Botanics Shine Away Mattifying Gel-Cream

I'm pretty blessed when it comes to my skin. My skin tone is very even, I don't suffer from breakouts and I never have dry patches. It is however very oily. 

I don't wear foundation or powder on a daily basis, only on special occasions, nights out and sometimes at weekends. As my skin is bare most of the time I need to have something that will get rid of oily t-zone. 

This is what I've been using over the last three weeks try and combat the grease. Its a thick gel-cream that is quite refreshing to apply. It isn't the easiest product to apply: if you apply too much or rub it in too much it rubs into little jelly blobs, once that's been done its a case of washing it off and starting again. I've had a bit of a blocked nose recently so I can't comment on the smell. I asked my husband to give it a good ol' whiff, he was ruddy useless though, he said 'I dunno, it don't smell bad, it don't smell good'.

I've found that on applied to keeps oily skin at bay for about eight hours, very impressive for such a cheap product. On the hot days we've had over the last week or so I've found that drops to four to six hours but that's expected.

In three weeks I've used about half a pot, previous products of this kind I've used I've found have lasted at least three months so I'm a bit disappointed in that respect. My Nivea Young mattifying gel-cream lasted me six months. 

If any one has got any suggestions as to other products like this for me to, they would be greatly appreciated!

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